Pursuit Brittanys is a small hobby kennel that competes in field trials and occasionally in conformation shows. The journey began with wanting a Brittany to be a part-time hunting companion and nearly full-time personal companion. Our first Brittany, Lee’s Maggie Rose JH (Maggie), came to us in October 1999 as a 2-month old puppy from a breeder/hunter that ran a string of Brittanys on a South Georgia quail hunting plantation. His Brittany line was developed from the once famous Richmont and Milligan lines, with Ban-Dee HOF and Scipio Spinks lines also represented.

In 2003 we became interested in hunting tests, field trials and conformation shows. Maggie finished her junior hunter title but was never field trialed. With the decision to become more serious about field trialing we chose to partially move away from line we had. Although well regarded in their day, the Richmond and Milligan lines had faded into relative obscurity and few opportunities existed to acquire for a closely bred pup with those lines. We felt we needed to find a dog(s) from a more current line that would help us to be competitive.

After considerable research we decided to focus on acquiring a pup emphasizing the Ban-Dee and Scipio Spinks lines, and focused on Beans Blaze, Scipio’s Little Chick, and Chubasco II parentage. These dogs were all high performance dogs and are well recognized as having produced quality pups that went on to be very competitive.
In 2005 we acquired a white and liver, female puppy from legendary Hall of Fame Brittany breeder and trainer Dave Walker. Our goal was to have a show and field trial prospect. We hit a grand slam home run with that pup!

That little pup became DC BBB’s Flashy Rose JH (Roxie). She is dual champion #563 and was only the 20th liver bitch to reach that status, and all before she was 5 years old. Roxie has been long retired from all active duties, except being our dear friend! She produced three very nice litters for us. Roxie has produced several field champions in both in amateur and open stakes, and multiple dogs with field points in juvenile and broke dog stakes. One of her pups has also produced a recent dual champion!

Although we consider ourselves line breeders, we have brought important dogs to add to our foundation lines represented by DC BBB’s Flashy Rose JH and Phoenix’s Li’l Lucy. Accomplished dogs we have used in our breedings include Piney Run Sam, Chubasco II, Broadway Joe VI, One Off Mojito Mike, The Whiz Kid, Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper, Sunnyvale Point Of Interest JH and his son, Firestarter's Crossed The Line. Today our string of accomplished and up-and-coming bitches represent the goals that we set out to achieve. We continue to search for extraordinary, high performing dogs that fit the goal of producing winners and continually improving on what we have.

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